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LAB extends its ENAC accreditation

Being aware of the importance for our clients to work with a trusted partner, offering a wide range of services, we are happy to announce that LAB extends its ENAC accreditation for the analysis of pesticides (UPLC-ms/MS in olive oil) and the analysis of metals (ICP-ms in vegetable oils: arsenic, cadmium, copper, chromium, tin, iron, mercury, nickel and lead).

This is a new method developed by our team of experts in the Physical Chemistry and Chromatography Departments together to ensure 100% reliability of the new method and performance to achieve ENAC certification.

Furthermore, at LAB we offer a maximum standard time of 48 hours for the delivery of results (national level) in this new analysis, adapting to the specific and punctual needs of each client.

Please find the complete list of pesticides and the limits of quantification for pesticides and metals on our website under “Accreditations”.

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