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KUDAM Laboratory achieves ENAC accreditation for gluten in food

Laboratorio Kudam, with almost 30 years of experience in the analytical food sector, continues to be committed to quality and the constant improvement of all its services. As a result, the laboratory has recently obtained an ENAC accreditation for the determination of allergens (gluten, soya, egg, and the protein from eggs and peanuts) in foods, among other determinations.

This is a very important accreditation, as it allows for the determination of the allergen gluten in foods by the ELISA-R5-Sandwich technique, which is approved by the Federation of Associations of Celiacs of Spain (FACE).

What does this accreditation mean for food companies, whether they are producers, marketers or certifiers?

Having a laboratory that has the facilities and infrastructure required to carry out a test such as the determination of gluten, is of great interest to a large group of the population such as coeliac patients.

This is of course an advantage that is becoming increasingly necessary for the food industry, where inspection, certification and control entities are demanding greater support from ENAC for both the certification processes and the evaluation of samples.

In addition, Laboratorio KUDAM has been accredited for other tests by extending its agri-food scope to include new contaminants in multi-residue pesticide methods, extending the scope of its metal tests to include determining canned and semi-preserved fruit and vegetables. This, together with the environmental scope (accreditation of anions in water and microbiological parameters in drinking water, untreated continental water and waste water) demonstrates the laboratory’s technical competence in all its analytical offerings.

These achievements, and those to come, help us strive to improve and meet the needs of our customers.

Do you wish to learn more? Do not hesitate to contact Laboratorio KUDAM:

Juan Ramírez Cassinello
CEO of Laboratorio KUDAM
+34 672 385 863

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