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Juan Antonio Tello about the olive campaign 18/19

Just a few days before the end of this year’s olive campaign, Juan Antonio Tello (Manager of Laboratorio Tello), who has gained more than 30 years of experience in the olive oil industry, visited Cadena COPE radio to talk about the results. 

Due to the weather, the first weeks were very difficult and resulted in low yields within the whole sector: “Ripening was very irregular. The unfavourable weather this year, with a dry and hot autumn, did not favor the correct development of the olives neither in weight nor in yield. They were rather difficult beginnings for the farmer…”. 

Once the difficult beginning had been overcome, the lake of the season has regained its yields (mainly due to the drying out of the olive due to frost and daytime heat). However, this year Jaén will not reach its usual average capacity of 21.7 %. According to Mr. Tello, this season it will probably be 20.5%. 

When we talk about quality, it is undeniable that Jaén oil has exceptional physical and chemical properties. Drought, early frost, low rainfall, etc. have led to incomplete ripening of the olives. This year we will miss the intense fruity aromas that we have appreciated and enjoyed so much in recent years.

On the other hand, this season is going to be the most productive in the last 15 years, with a production of almost 650 thousand tonnes of olives in Jaén. 

During the campaign, the team of experts of Laboratorio Tello works intensely on the control of the yields of the olives, the pomace, as well as the control of the productive processes of the mills and the qualities of the AOVs obtained. The rest of the year, Laboratorio Tello continues with the exhaustive analysis of the oil produced – from the commercial transaction and packaging process, until it reaches the final consumer. 

In this way, Laboratorio Tello offers an integral service of all the phases of the oil production process: “From the moment the farmer brings the first sample where we evaluate his performance and quality, until the bottled oil gets to the market to be enjoyed by the final consumer” Juan Antonio Tello affirmed. 


You can listen to the full interview of Juan Antonio Tello on COPE radio here. 



Juan Antonia Tello
Manager Laboratorio Tello

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