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Draft directive: Reduction of plastic waste

Every year, ca. 500,000 tons of plastic waste find their way into the sea. The EU Commission has therefore published a draft directive to reduce and fight against plastic waste. Initially, the directive is only a proposal that is now being negotiated by the EU member states and the EU Parliament.


Which products are involved?


  • plastic dishes
  • cotton swab
  • straws
  • plastic bottles
  • discarded fishing nets
  • also 10 further ‘disposable’ products are in focus


Possible bans only for alternatives

Only items for which alternatives already exist will be banned. Plastic containers for food will be maintained, but their use will be drastically reduced. It is also important to ensure their uniform labelling within the EU.

Most plastic bottles are planned to be collected by 2025 with the help of disposable deposit for recycling.


Labelling check


You are not sure whether your products comply with the latest requirements? Contact our experts and get advice.

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Dr. Yvonne Pfeifer
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