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Granola Bars: We Keep the Healthy Options Healthy

Many of us around the world are currently working from home. With the kitchen always being nearby, temptations are easily given in to. Many feel as though they are choosing a healthy option by opting for a granola bar, as they contain high amounts of fibre and complex carbohydrates.

Recently, granola bars have been tested and half of the products tested received a grade of “poor” or “insufficient”. This was due to the granola bars containing excess sugar, or undesirable substances.

One of these substances are mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOSH/MOAH), which are contaminants that contain mutagens and carcinogens. They can get into food in different ways, e.g. through the packaging material or during poor hygiene practices in the manufacturing process.

The pesticide glyphosate was also detected in granola bars. The International Agency on Research for Cancer (IARC) declares glyphosate as potentially carcinogenic. Glyphosate is a crop protection active ingredient which hinders the growth of unwanted weeds.

At Tentamus, we want to help you keep this healthy snack healthy. We support our customers by testing granola bars for legal compliance. This includes testing for harmful substances such as mineral oil hydrocarbons, and pesticide residues.

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