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Analysis of Glyphosate residues in our daily Products

Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide used since 1974 in numerous countries worldwide. Lately, there is an emotional discussion in the media and consequently the number of reports on residues of glyphosate in food have increased substantially.

Due to the high polarity of glyphosate it is not possible to analyze it together with the other pesticides in the standard screening method (which is able to detect more than 600 pesticides). Owing to the need of using a single residue method, the existing information about glyphosate in food is limited.

The situation in North America can be demonstrated by looking at a natural cross-section product: honey. According to Tentamus studies in 2018 – more than 250 US honey samples were analyzed, 65% of which contained glyphosate levels above the limit of quantification of 10 µg/kg, with concentrations up to 3400 µg/kg. This data indicates that glyphosate is widely used during the production of food in the US and residues are possibly present in a significant number of various food products.




In light of recent events, we recommend to our clients to test your product for glyphosate, as this topic will likely receive further attention by consumers and authorities alike. In some states like California, glyphosate has been listed since July 7, 2017 as a carcinogen on the Proposition 65 list.


How Tentamus can help:


We can help you to verify that your product is glyphosate free – just ask for an offer or contact us for any of your testing needs. We serve you with our network spanning across the USA and worldwide. With modern instruments and current methods, we can offer reasonable pricing with fast turnaround times!

Please contact our global technical expert for Residues Testing Mr. Tobias Wiezorek:




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