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Tentamus E-Commerce

Ordering food on the Internet is becoming more and more popular.The e-commerce market is growing rapidly – as is the demand for food shopping on the Internet. Not only large supermarket chains rely on the online trade with food. Many innovative “niche suppliers” are now opening up the market and stand out with special products outside the mainstream.

In order to keep an overview of legal requirements in the jungle of producers and suppliers as an online retailer, Tentamus Group GmbH has formed a team of experts to provide support in all questions relating to e-commerce: Tentamus E-Commerce.

Already one year ago, a concept was developed that checks and secures the cold chain during food shipment. Based on the German standard DIN SPEC 91360, transport routes are checked in so-called transit tests and worst-case scenarios are simulated in climatic cabinets. For this purpose, the food and also the shipping bags are equipped with sensors that document the temperature over the entire transport route – thus ensuring an uninterrupted cold chain. The laboratories of the Tentamus Group are able to simulate different ambient temperatures. This ensures that your products arrive refrigerated at the customer’s premises at any time of the year.


Tentamus is at your side as your partner:


  • Checking and securing your cold chain
  • Optimization of your cold chain and, if necessary, cost savings and expansion of your customer base
  • Mystery shopping
  • Online label checks


Contact our expert Dr. Yvonne Pfeifer for further information.

Dr. Yvonne Pfeifer
P +49 30 206 038 164

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