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4 Food Labelling Challenges Since Brexit

Since Brexit, the UK is now considered a third country. This means that companies exporting from UK to the European Union will have to face different compliance challenges from now on.


Here are 4 challenges to consider:


1. Address on the Label


When exporting to countries within the European Union, it is necessary to put the address of the food business operator within the EU or the address of the importer on the product label. The address must be physically present in the EU and enables customers or relevant authorities to contact the food operator.


2. National Legislation


As legislation, especially for labelling purposes, often differs in Europe, it is important to check the national standards and rules of the importing country.


3. Country of origin labels


Food from Great Britain (GB) must not be labelled as ‘origin EU’ from 1 January 2021.

Food from Northern Ireland (NI) can continue to use ‘origin EU’. Where EU law requires a member state it should be labelled as ‘UK(NI)’ or ‘United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)’.


4. Health and identification marks


Products of animal origin must bear new health and identification marks when placed on the EU market.


Tentamus Labelling Service


All this does not seem to be easy. Furthermore, the various country regulations must be observed.

To ensure that you are on the safe side here and avoid expensive recalls or warnings due to incorrect labelling, our team of labelling experts supports you with the correct declaration of your food products!

Our international labelling team consists of native speakers and is experienced in dealing with food labelling and the new Brexit regulations.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team! We’re happy to help.

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