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L.A.B. becomes 1st Private Spanish laboratory with Flexible Scope in Pesticide Residue Analysis

L.A.B. | Laboratorio Analítico Bioclínico, with more than 15 years of experience, continues to rely on the quality and improvement of all its analytical services. Therefore, ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Body) has granted L.A.B. the flexible scope in pesticides for multi-residue methods (Exp Nº 493/LE1019). This scope perfectly complements the flexible scope in matrices that L.A.B. has already offered.

In 2018, the management of L.A.B. once again bet on achieving analytical excellence and achieving a milestone that would position the laboratory as a leader in the sector. Therefore, for more than a year, the team of L.A.B. has been working to implement ENAC’s demanding requirements to obtain the flexible scope in pesticides for multi-residue methods. The recognition confirms the technical competence of the laboratory for self-management of pesticides according to NT-19.


What are the advantages of this milestone for companies in the fruit and vegetable sector and the food industry, be they producers, marketers or certifiers?


  • L.A.B. is now a laboratory which, within the scope of its accreditation, includes practically all active substances in its analysis spectrum of multi-residue analysis.
  • Working with a laboratory that is able to support its customers and offer them new pesticides as part of ENAC accreditation in a very short time. This can be crucial, for example, in situations where new pesticides come into play.




How does flexible range work with pesticides?


With the new flexible scope in pesticides, L.A.B. now manages all active substances (with the exception of those with technical limitations) in its analytical spectrum of multi-residue analysis within the scope of accreditation, and currently has a program of more than 500 accredited substances, which can be consulted in its LPE (Public List of Tests).

Likewise, it can incorporate pesticides into its multi-residue methods within the scope of its accreditation without having to pass an ENAC audit, self-managing the validation and verification parts of new substances in the different groups of matrices according to the guidelines of ENAC Technical Note 19.


This is undoubtedly the best tool available to L.A.B. customers. to ensure the suitability of its products for the increasingly demanding requirements of national and international markets.


Once again, L.A.B. has demonstrated its technical competence in developing procedures and validating numerous and different analytes in diverse matrices. This leads to international recognition of its work management and the reliability of its analyses, establishing itself as one of the laboratories with the highest analytical quality at European level.

Furthermore, L.A.B. informs about an extension of its agri-food scope , which includes new contaminants with specific methods and microbiological parameters, making it, together with the scope of the environment, one of the laboratories with the widest accreditation spectrum in Spain.


“From L.A.B., we would like to thank all our clients for passing on their needs to us and encouraging us to continue working so that we can continue to live up to their expectations”, states Juan Ramírez Cassinello, manager of L.A.B.| Laboratorio Analítico Bioclínico.

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