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Expansion of Tentamus network in the US – Next stop: California!

The moment has not been chosen by chance: it follows the acquisition of the Adamson Analytical Laboratories (AALabs) in Corona, California, our latest addition to the Tentamus network of laboratories at the West Coast of the United States.

Mr. Wiezorek, who worked in our lab Quality Services International (QSI) in Bremen, Germany, will take over the role as the CEO of Tentamus California.

“R&D for 10 years in honey and herbal medicine with the broad range of instruments in Bremen paired with customer service and training for our clients will bring a big piece of competence to the US and will help Tentamus to jump directly into this business. He will expand our analytical portfolio especially for honey and agave syrup and in the area of residue analysis (pesticides, antibiotics, mycotoxins) by using his comprehensive knowledge on these products as well as the analytics” says Mrs. Gudrun Beckh (general manager of QSI). Further she wishes Mr. Wiezorek all the best in the new job and a fruitful cooperation within the Tentamus network to offer the best service to our worldwide operating clients.

Mr. Wiezorek studied Food Chemistry at the University of Dresden and worked for 10 years at QSI as Director of Chromatography and Quality Manager. He was prepared for his new role as designated CEO of Tentamus California for the last year in an intensive internal management training.

This endeavor provides completely new options for our American clients as they will be able to let analyze a very broad set of parameters for a highly competitive price. Together with fast turnaround times of equal or even less than five working days this will enormously facilitate maintaining or even increasing the high-quality standard of American Foods.




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