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EuTech Scientific joins the Tentamus Network!

Together, EuTech Scientific (“EuTech”) and the Tentamus Group (“Tentamus”) are excited to announce the acquisition of EuTech by Tentamus. Tentamus is thrilled to welcome EuTech as its newest member to the global network of laboratories, on the 3rd of June 2021.

“EuTech further intensifies our US-presence, tackling the New Jersey market space while expanding our quality assurance and R&D capabilities in the pharmaceutical, dietary supplements and medical device industries alike,” emphasizes Matt Lewis, CEO of ARL (a member of Tentamus). “It is an outstanding opportunity to expand our existing expertise and provide our customers a unified one-stop-shop solution that would not be possible independently”.

Dr. Sahai, CEO and founder of EuTech adds: “winning an international partner is key to our success in providing our customers a wider portfolio of services. With Tentamus we found exactly that which enables us to grow even faster now and support our customers’ needs and wants locally and globally. Joining the worldwide laboratory network of Tentamus opens new opportunities for us and our customers alike. We are delighted and excited about the journey ahead.”


About EuTech Scientific


EuTech is specialized in the quality assurance and R&D analyses for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and medical device industries, with a special expertise in the chemical testing challenge support. Founded in 1994, EuTech supports its clients for over 2 decades with expert support tailored to their requirements. Please find further information at https://eutechsci.com/



Raghvendra Sahai, Ph.D. CEO
EuTech Scientific Services, Inc.
810 North 2nd Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08904
+1 732 249 1600

Matt Lewis
CEO Analytical Resource Labs
+1 801 331 82 93

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