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EU: Natural Flavourings in organic products

Organic products are produced with limited use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. Also, no GMOs, and if animals involved no hormones or antibiotics are allowed.


Product manufacturers must be certified before selling their goods as organic


To attain this certification, the manufacturers must meet the requirements specified in Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007.

Currently, these regulations specify that:

  • 95% of the agricultural ingredients used must be organic
  • 5% of the ingredients may come from non-organic sources.
  • In 2020, all types of natural flavouring are still included in the 95%, as they are not considered to be agricultural ingredients.


From 2021, the rules regarding natural flavourings are set to change


In order to keep their organic label:

  • 95% of flavourings must be natural
  • When it comes to extracts, 100% of the extract must come from the named, natural source.


How can Tentamus help with the labelling of your food products?


Tentamus can support manufacturers of organic products in the labelling process by providing them with declaration recommendations.

Tentamus does this by receiving manufacturer’s product labels along with a sample, and these are tested to see if the labels must be edited to comply with EU regulations. If edits to the label are required, Tentamus offers recommendations to the manufacturer.

Due to Tentamus being an internationally oriented business with labs around the globe, a multilingual label may also be requested.


If you wish to learn more about organic labelling, please contact our expert Stefanie Hirsch:

Stefanie Hirsch
+49 30 206 038 170


Source: Food Navigator

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