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EU: Labelling of pumpkins in retail

Autumn is pumpkin season. In this article you’ll find out which requirements pumpkins need to meet in the EU and how they have to be labelled in the food trade.


Pumpkins are subject to the requirements of the general marketing standard. Accordingly, they must be completely clean and must not show any rot or other defects. Regardless of the size or type of packaging, the pumpkin must be clearly and visibly marked with the name, the country of origin and the basic and/or package price. This can be written either on the packaging itself or on a sign opposite.


Pumpkins offered as packages must be marked as follows:


  • Name & address of packer/consignor
  • Country of origin
  • Sales description
  • Company or name and address of manufacturer
  • Lot number
  • Best before date (only for pieces)
  • Filling quantity (weight or number of pieces)
  • Package price and/or basic price


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Source: BZfE


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