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New EU Eco-Regulation

From July 1st, 2021, the new EU legislation on organic foods will come into force (Regulation (EU) 2018/848). This will change the framework conditions for the marketing of organic products throughout the entire chain of processing organic food.


Contents of the new regulation EU 2018/848:


  • Simplification of production rules by repealing exemptions
  • Expansion of the control system through stricter precautionary measures and robust risk-oriented controls along the entire supply chain
  • Compliance with common rules for producers in third countries and in the EU
  • The scope of the organic farming rules is extended to a broader list of products (e.g. salt, cork, beeswax, mate, vine leaves, palm hearts) and additional production rules (e.g. deer, rabbit and poultry).
  • Facilitation of certification for small farmers through new system formation of group certification
  • The introduction of a harmonized approach is necessary to reduce the potential risk of pesticide contamination.


With the implementation of the corresponding EU regulation in 2021, Articles 27 / 28 and 29 in particular will pose new challenges for companies as to how to deal with any trace evidence of pesticides in organically produced products. The most important factor here is the very prompt detection of such findings.


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