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EU control regulation 2017/625 – what’s new?

The value and importance of the safety of foods has increased significantly the last couple years. Consumers expect safe and high-end food as well as more transparency and information. Therefore a traffic light / smiley system has been established in ten EU-countries so far.

Building a legal basis for food control in the entire  European Union, the new control regulation 2017/625 was released this year. In addition to the topics food safety and hygiene, the focus is on self-inspections, traceability, warranty or transparency and consumer information and the combat of food fraud. Thereby the trust of consumers in the integrity of the food chain should be rebuild.

Some of the new elements are:

  • inclusion of the agriculture (to combine the whole food chain under one control authority)
  • more control tranparency (especially regarding the results – in special cases they are allowed to get published)
  • control fees can be established for standard controls
  • combat of food fraud and performing controls regularly, unannounced and risk orientated
  • penalties for food fraud will be adapted or increased depending on the fraud value or the revenue of the company
  • establishing EU-reference-centers for animal welfare
  • establishing EU-reference-centers to audit authenticity and integrity of the food chain
  • new rules for the collaboration for border crossing problems
  • reports about the activities and results of the control authorities have to be published at least once a year
  • member states are allowed to publish the results of food controls but the company has to receive the possibility to comment the results
  • member states are allowed to establish evaluation systems for trade, manufacturer or restaurants to provide simple and clear information to what extent the company meet the requirements of the food law to the consumer (traffic light / smiley systems)

These elements are just a part of the content of the new regulation.

Additionally the other control regulations 178/2002, 852/2004, 853/2004 are still present and stay unchanged regarding hygiene, HACCP and microbiological self-inspections. The new control regulation enhances the trend to perform more self-inspections and assume responsibility.

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