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DIN – Innovations in the field of standardization

New draft standard E DIN 10508 with possibility for testing and commenting


This DIN standard is of great relevance for food companies and the food trade. We would therefore like to draw your attention to the new draft. The draft standard is now submitted to the public for examination and comment. It is also available in the DIN draft standard portal. This online service offers all commentators the opportunity to read and comment on current draft standards free of charge.

Any objections may be filed by the 20th of August 2018 using the comments table.


The most important changes are:

  • Section 3: A definition for very perishable foodstuffs has been added
  • Section 4: The requirements for cold storage, cooling, heat retention and permissible deviations have been revised
  • Section 5: The temperature requirements for frozen, frozen and chilled foods and for hot prepared foods have been updated


DIN study on standardization aspects in the online food trade from the consumer’s point of view


The aim of the study was to provide recommendations for possible standardization activities. The study results show that the online food market for fresh products has become highly professionalised in recent years. Local improvements in processes have already been made and a large number of industry-specific solutions, some of which address the same problems, have been developed.

With the help of the study, three fields of action and the resulting focal points could be identified which are most important from the point of view of retailers and consumers: Transparency, quality and hygiene management and process design

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