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Diapharm Analytics joins the Tentamus Group

The pharmaceutical laboratory Diapharm Analytics GmbH in Oldenburg, Germany, is joining the Tentamus Group. Ralf Sibbing, General Manager of Diapharm Analytics GmbH, and Dr. Jochen P. Zoller, CEO of Tentamus Analytics GmbH, announced the move in Oldenburg. “Even though formalities do not change, since name of the company, the location and staff will remain the same, Diapharm Analytics will henceforth play, with the support of the Tentamus Group, in a new league. This will allow Diapharm Analytics to offer our clients an even wider range of expertise and competences,” Diapharm General Manager Ralf Sibbing said, referring to the company’s successful entry into the Tentamus Group.

The Tentamus Group is one of the world’s largest laboratory companies in the life sciences industry. It operates about 50 locations in Europe, Asia, North America and Israel that specialize in consultancy services and analysis related to products involving the human body – from pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food, to agricultural chemicals and medical devices.

Diapharm Analytics GmbH will maintain its close ties to Diapharm GmbH & Co. KG in future, and the two companies will continue to work together on a corporation basis. “Together, we will be able to take on even more complex tasks for our clients,” Ralf Sibbing and Dr. Jochen P. Zoller said.

The GMP-certified laboratory in Oldenburg, Germany, analyses medicinal products and related goods on behalf of companies in the healthcare industry, by applying modern instrumental analyses. Its services include stability testing and batch release analysis for medicinal products. The company also plans to offer batch release analysis for narcotic drugs. The laboratory is particularly strong in the field of herbal medicinal products, known as composites of different substances, the analysis of which requires special expertise and extensive experience. On behalf of their clients, Diapharm also develops concept-based scientifically sound and cost-effective analysis methods.

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Diapharm is a leading global service provider and consulting firm for the consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Founded in 1988, Diapharm supports clients in the fields of medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements, dietetic foods and cosmetics. Its work focuses on regulatory affairs and marketing authorization, medical and scientific tasks, quality assurance and consulting. With around 100 employees in Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria and China, Diapharm supports multinational corporations, recent start-ups and medium-sized companies. For further information please visit www.diapharm.com




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