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Fast determination of lactose in lactose-free products

Lactose is the major disaccharide found in milk products and is metabolized by the enzyme lactase to the monosaccharides D-glucose and D-galactose.

Lactose-intolerant individuals have a lactase deficiency which makes it difficult to digest milk-based products with resulting uncomfortable intestinal symptoms. This has led to the growing popularity of lactose- free products obtained by breaking down lactose into D-glucose and D-galactose by enzymatic hydrolysis.

However, the resulting products could contain varying amounts of residual lactose and for this reason different methods were developed to test for trace of lactose in food.


This topic is of growing interest and to answer to this need Tentamus Agriparadigma has developed an instrumental method based on ion chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection.

The method is sensitive enough to measure lactose until 10 mg/kg (0,001%); about ten times more sensitive than traditional enzymatic methods. Moreover, the method is fast to guarantee quick response time, highly automatable and allow the analysis of a large number of samples in short times.

To guarantee the highest level of quality Tentamus Agriparadigma has validated the method to compliant to ISO 17025 and has obtained the approval by the Italian accreditation body ACCREDIA.




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