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Whipped cream – Microbiological risks in summer months

Especially in the summer months, cream samples are regularly objected to by the monitoring authorities. Very often there are complaints because the bacterial counts of the pseudomonads and enterobacteria are increased. These typical hygiene germs indicate improper cleaning and disinfection of the cream machines. But also the construction of the devices often makes thorough cleaning and disinfection difficult. Once a cream machine is contaminated, this contamination can often only be removed with a great deal of effort.


The following points must be observed when cleaning the whipping machine:


  • Cream machine cooling: DO NOT switch off even outside operating hours
  • Wash and disinfect hands thoroughly before cleaning and disinfecting and before assembling the machine
  • Observe cleaning instructions of the manufacturer
  • Use of the correct cleaning agents and disinfectants, taking into account dosage and exposure time
  • Regular maintenance of the machine by the specialist company


The microbiological quality of whipped cream can only be checked by regular microbiological tests. This makes it possible to react quickly if the germs are exceeded. In our laboratory we routinely test whipped cream as well as official counter samples. We deliver fast and reliable results.


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