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COVID-19: How Robust is your Pharmaceutical Supply Chain?

2020 will be remembered for a long time as a time that changed our personal and professional lives. From R&D through manufacturing to distribution, the pandemic is impacting the pharmaceutical sector. The industry has been invigorated in recent months but is also being compromised, most notably through supply chain disruption. Even as in-country restrictions are lifted, the challenge continues.

Following Brexit preparation stockpiling, the current situation has highlighted the importance of supply chain flexibility.  Despite best efforts, supply problems can and will happen. The industry requires rapid change and as more trials take place and new therapies are trialled the supply chain will be forced to be flexible and react to current and future demands.  

FDAS is part of the UK’s pharmaceutical supply chain.  As a contract testing laboratory, we are uniquely positioned to address the challenges facing the pharma industry in the UK.  Providing state-of -the-art technology, efficiency and flexibility, we are effective in meeting regulatory requirements.


FDAS are a leading independent provider of Pharmaceutical QC Testing:


  • Raw Material Testing
  • Finished Product, Batch Release Testing
  • Stability Services


Larissa Taylor, Technical Director at FDAS said, “In the context of what is happening I think there is little doubt about the need to strengthen the supply chain. To ensure that critical and essential medicines will continue to be available in adequate amounts, there has never been a better time to partner with a contract testing laboratory dedicated to reducing lead-times and delivering supply chain stability.”

FDAS, being part of the Tentamus Pharma Group, has extensive industry expertise as well as a global network of modernized testing laboratories. Seamless communication including a single point of contact, virtual meetings and remote audits are at your service during these challenging times.  We are ready to help our customers get their potentially life-saving medicines to the patients that need them.

FDAS - A Tentamus Company


Larissa Taylor
Technical Director FDAS
+44 (0) 115 912 4265

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