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Increased demand for online grocery stores due to coronavirus

With people increasingly preferring to order from home, e-commerce is expanding worldwide. This has led to more and more people ordering their food online and having it delivered to their doorstep.

As people are currently seeking protection from SARS-CoV-2, the demand for online food purchases has seen a rise in recent weeks. This allows people to get food without leaving their homes and exposing themselves to possible infection in the supermarket. However, it also means that consumers must be able to rely on the products they receive being safe and of high quality.

To help you keep track of the legal requirements in online food distribution, Tentamus E-Commerce supports you with the following services:


  • Validation of the cold chain: We support you in the planning and optimisation of your cold chain according to DIN SPEC 91360 and advise you on the optimal amount of coolants and insulation material used etc. Simulations are carried out in which the cold chain is simulated in our climate chambers in order to test and optimize it. Tests can also be carried out in which worst-case scenarios are reproduced to check the effectiveness of the cold chain in these situations as well.


  • Mystery Shopping: Do you know how your products are perceived by customers? We check this within an objective and covert measure – for safe food and satisfied customers. We place an order for your product and objectively evaluate the delivered goods for proper packaging, damage and quality from the consumer’s perspective. We also make sure that all information about the product is correct and complete. Based on our findings, we help you create an individual test plan that determines which parameters are particularly important for the optimization of your product.


  • Online labelling test: We check the labelling of your products in online trade. According to article 14 of the FIR (Food Information Regulation) on distance selling, anyone wishing to sell food over the Internet must provide the customer with the same information before the purchase as would be received in stationary trade. Consumer associations and public institutions check this labelling obligation and warn traders in case of infringements. To prevent this from happening, we offer our support.


Our online checks include:


  • Declaration checks according to FIR
  • Verification of the product images
  • Labelling tests according to the organic regulation
  • Additives according to the Additives Authorisation Ordinance
  • Declaration in accordance with the Food Supplements Ordinance
  • Health Claim Regulation


We can offer you this service thanks to our international network of qualified laboratories and will be happy to advise you.

Please contact our expert Nicole Schröer for further information:

Nicole Schröer

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