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Coffee to go: Hygiene of your customer’s own cups

The “Coffee to go” is becoming more environmentally conscious. More and more coffee/tea lovers can have their hot drinks filled into their own cups at the baker’s or café. This principle is designed to reduce the amount of waste, generated by disposable cups. The food business operator is fully responsible for hygienically flawless processes.


Here are some tips on how to handle coffee-to-go cups brought by customers:


Customer Cups


  • The customer’s cup is his property. Accordingly, he is responsible for the cleanliness and suitability of the cup
  • The customer must remove and store the lid himself
  • In case of discernible soiling or doubtful suitability, disposable cups may be offered to the customer
  • If contact between a dirty cup and counter equipment cannot be avoided, filling must be refused.



Care during the filling process


  • Keep contact with these cup as low as possible
  • Use decanting cups, trays or cup holders
  • Store customer cups only in a specific area of the counter
  • When filling directly from the coffee machine, the customer cup must not touch the filling/outlet nozzles
  • No unpackaged, perishable food in the immediate vicinity of the coffee machine





  • Cleaning schedules must be adhered to additional, regular cleaning of areas that come into contact with customer cups
  • If necessary, these areas & storage areas must be disinfected



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Source: BLL

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