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Celebrating a little bit of Christmas together – Tentamus Spain

At LAB | Laboratorio Analítico Bioclínico, we want to continue promoting the interest for science of the youngest. In order to do so, once again, we enjoyed the open day dedicated to the youngest members of the (lab) household, where we invite the families of the employees to discover the inside of the laboratory and enjoy a day full of magic and surprises.

The visit got off to a strong start: Surprising colour changes, (controlled) explosions and magical volcanoes were the main causes of the faces of admiration and surprise of the more than 25 children who attended the LAB open day. A whole spectacle of “scientific magic” starring our colleagues Mª del Mar and Ginés.

Once the “tour” through the lab was over, we received the unexpected visit of Santa Clause which came loaded with gifts and sweets for the children of LAB. One by one, all were called to pick up their gift and, at the end, helped Santa Claus deliver the Christmas baskets to the entire LAB team.

It was a very special day, where children and adults enjoyed a piece of Christmas as a team. We want to express our gratitude again for the participation of all the people (Mª del Mar, Ginés, Yunán, Mª José, … ), as well as the attendance of all the families to the event.


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