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Characterization and Analysis of Pheromones by Renolab GLP – A Tentamus Company

Pheromones are natural molecules used by living beings to communicate with other members of their species, and by humans to protect crops. Synthetic, carefully crafted pheromones are utilized to cause sexual confusion in parasites and protect plants from their attacks while preventing the release of extraneous chemicals into the environment.

Their use increased gradually as the need for more sustainable and environmentally friendly pest control methods grew: Today, pheromones-based products are being used in organic and integrated pest management (IPM) worldwide, and each year new ones are released to the market.

Pheromones are classified as pesticides according to Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 and must comply with the regulation ((EU) No 283/2013 and (EU) No 284/2013): They pose particular challenges, due to their nature and to their many different synthesis methods.


How Renolab GLP can help:


Specializing in conventional and non-conventional agricultural products, which include microbial pest control products, Renolab has gained 10 years of experience in the field of pheromones, and offers a complete characterization for technical products and products according to the globally recognized GLP Directive.

Renolab performed more than 30 of 5-batches, characterization and residue in crop studies on many different molecules, becoming a reference for industries and specialists.
Recently, Renolab expanded beyond their traditional studies to include new testing services: They now also offer residue analysis in water and soil, ecotoxicity studies and soil degradation studies.



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