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Is there really tuna in canned tuna?

In the past and also currently there are again and again cases of food fraud and so doubts arise whether really tuna is in the canned tuna, or whether here cheaper, non-animal ingredients are used. Recently, a laboratory proved that within a tuna sample no tuna was used at all.

The species most commonly sold as tuna is bonito (Katsuwonus pelamis). This is the closest relative of the eight tuna species (Thunnus sp.) and the cheapest, hence most commonly found in canned food.


By means of sensitive PCR, we detect tuna


The laboratory lifeprint GmbH of the Tentamus Group has developed a sensitive Real Time PCR, with which Bonito can be detected.

Since the test is based on mitochondrial sequences, which are much more abundant in the cell than the nuclear genome, it can also be used very well in processed materials such as canned tuna.


The laboratories of the Tentamus Group support you


Would you like to check whether tuna has really been processed in your canned food? Or as a producer you would like to prove to your customers that you really use tuna? Then the laboratories of the Tentamus Group can support you with analysis and consulting services!


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