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Brexit – finding the right partner

By early November 2020, the aim of the UK Government and the EU is to have an agreement in place on the future relationship between both sides.

As all industry insiders know, having the capability to cost effectively manage QC Batch release of drug product can be a costly and time-consuming process especially given such wide variations in process, service levels and price.

Having a partner to help MA Holders and manufacturers navigate this is essential especially given how long it can take to transfer methods to a lab so having the right partner is critical.


How the Tentamus Group can support you


Tentamus Group have a specialist Pharma division spanning both the UK and EU and have well established laboratories who have both the capability and capacity to help rapidly get products tested for release on both sides of the Channel.

Tentamus Pharma can provide both chemistry and microbiology and even independent contract QP services where required.

Everything is cGMP and our expert Quality Managers can help expedite audits even in these difficult times with virtual meetings and document sharing.


We aim to help you get your products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.


If you would like more information or want to speak to someone, please use the contact form by clicking on the following link and someone will respond with a phone call or email to help: https://www.tentamus.com/contact


Our expert Shared Vora will also be happy to support and discuss your requirements.

Contact details:

+44 (0)7957 957 116


Read more about our Brexit Services here: https://www.tentamus.com/brexit-pharma-no-deal/

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