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Book “The Honey” now also available in English

Would you like to learn more about honey? Then check out new book of the authors Dr. Dr. Helmut Horn (Apicultural State Instituteof the University Hohenheim) and Dr. Cord Lüllmann (Tentamus Group GmbH/ formally Quality Services International GmbH, Bremen, Germany). It is now available in English.

The book is filled with highly relevant knowledge on honey, covering several topics, for example production, composition as well as legal requirements for trading honey. Dr. Lüllmann explains: “In our book ‘The Honey’ Helmut and I have summarized our decades-long experience, not only in the field of honey analysis, but also concerning questions of food law and beekeeping”.

Not only established methods are treated, but also highly topical methods, e.g. adulteration analysis of honey by means of NMR spectroscopy, are explained. The reader also learns about undesirable substances, such as pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which can enter honey in a completely natural way.

Dr. Lüllmann did not miss the opportunity to personally hand over the first copy of the book in English language to Mr. Tobias Wiezorek, who took over the role as CEO of Tentamus California. Mr. Wiezorek, himself an internationally recognized expert for honey with many years of experience on honey and other foods, accepted the book ambitiously: “The book serves as a great basis for the preparation of training courses and seminars. This enables students who are working for us as part of their bachelor or master thesis a quick and well-founded introduction to the subject of honey, which is particularly complex for honey „newbees“. Also, our customers, although mostly ‘old hands’ in the field of honey, appreciate the practical relevance of the information in this compendium”.


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You can request the book via the contact form or by e-mail (info@qsi-q3.de).

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