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Biosimilars – The Blockbusters behind the Blockbusters

The biosimilar market is steadily expanding and for some companies and their originator molecules the market is or will be soon crowded and competitive. The next few years will be very exciting in respect of how many biosimilars, especially monoclonal antibodies, developing companies will have commercial success within one specific originator segment – products, where essential patents will expire now or in the near future.


VelaLabs’s Support for International Clients


Within the Tentamus Group, VelaLabs is specialized for characterization of biosimilars and supports its customers with complete analytics and tools for nearly all biomolecules. All dedicated methods are either routinely established or will be developed upon client request. A typical panel of methods is shown e.g. for trastuzumab (originator product already on the market: Herceptin®) indicated for the treatment of certain metastatic breast or gastric cancers.

VelaLabs method portfolio & platform tools for trastuzumab


Moreover, VelaLabs has considerable background knowledge with respect to mode-of action, comparability studies, patent & market situation, post approval activities, and the highly competitive field for these biomolecules. For more than 20 blockbuster drugs, VelaLabs has compiled fact sheets, which are free for download (from their website) for our clients and other interested parties.


See our abstract:

Biosimilars – A growing business segment in the near future
(Zimmermann, Fido et al)


For any more information, consultations or questions please contact Flora Rostemi (f.rostemi@vela-labs.at)

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