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Analyses of Nutraceuticals

Especially in the last decade, the nutraceutical industry experienced a massive growth. Nutraceuticals are defined as a kind of food which aim to provide health benefits such as prevention and treatment of diseases and are an addition to the basic nutritional values of food. They are commonly sold in medical forms e.g. pills, drinks or substrates but do not count as a medical product. That is the reason why they aren’t subject to any drug control.

The nutraceutical industry is divided into 3 main segments:

  • dietary supplements
  • herbal / natural products
  • functional food

In the development of nutraceuticals, personalization and customazation are trending. The number of consumers who are following and living healthy lifestyles is increasing. Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity are aimed to be prevented. For nutritional supplements to achieve their desired effect, their composition and exact dosage of an active ingredient is essential.

As an experienced player with dedicated labs in nutritional supplement testing, Tentamus not only determine the exact composition of the product’s active ingredients, but further test them for possible unwanted residues or contaminants. In addition, we can provide qualified and dependable advice on legal questions surrounding nutritional supplements.

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