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Analyst supports Israeli Startups

Analyst Launches Q&C Plan to Support Young Israeli Start-Ups

Under the Quick & Clean (Q&C) Plan, Analyst Research Laboratories enables early-stage Israeli life-science companies to gain access to state of the art equipment and staff. Thus, even feasibility studies can be performed on qualified and highly reliable equipment with highly-trained staff, enabling companies to make more reliable Go/No Go decisions.  

Frequently, young start-up companies at their early proof-of-concept stages that have not yet secured sufficient funds, cannot afford to subcontract their projects to high-end laboratories. Thus, decisions that are critical for the company’s early product development may be based on data generated from instruments that are not qualified and maintained at the highest level and staff that is not trained to perform work at regulatory-level standards.

Under the Quick & Clean Plan initiated by Analyst, such companies will be provided with a significant discount. This will enable them to perform their analytical and bioanalytical feasibility tests at a world-class laboratory, enjoying the support and knowledge of an experienced team with decades of experience.

Dr. Vivi Ziv, Analyst’s CEO explained: “We have witnessed first-hand, companies that due to lack of funds, chose to perform their initial analytical and bioanalytical work in labs that do not necessarily comply with the highest standards. These companies then came to us for the next steps of development and unfortunately, we discovered that the work previously performed and on which they based their decisions, was not reliable. As a result, these companies wasted a lot of time and money and at the best scenario – had to repeat the work. Unfortunately, some of these companies ceased to exist due to lack of additional funds. We felt that it was our obligation to support the young Israeli life-science start-up industry and devised the Q&C plan. We called it Quick & Clean because Analyst does not know how to work “dirty”, said Dr. Ziv with a smile.    

Early-stage Israeli start-ups in the field of pharma, biotech, medical device and medical cannabis, are invited to contact Dr. Ziv at vivi@analyst-labs.com and explore their eligibility to participate in the unique Q&C Plan

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