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Analyst GLP Certification Extension

ISRAC notified Analyst Research Laboratories that it has successfully passed its latest audit and has been rewarded with an extension of its GLP certification.

ISRAC is the designated representative of the State of Israel for the recognition of test facilities working; according to GLP. The state of Israel has a mutual recognition GLP agreement with the European community and the OECD, thus ensuring mutual recognition from signatory countries to these agreements.

Analyst’s CEO, Dr. Vivi Ziv commented: “First accredited in 2002, Analyst has been one of the first service laboratories in Israel to be GLP qualified. Since then, we have continuously and constantly maintained our high standards of service to support our client’s needs. This includes not only analyses for pre-clinical studies, but also 5-batch analyses for agro industry submissions and more.” 


Please find Analyst’s certification document
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Analyst Research Laboratories is a GMP, GLP and GCLP accredited, FDA-inspected contract laboratory. The 1,000sqm modern lab specializes in all aspects of analyzing pharmaceuticals, providing a multitude of Analytical & Bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical, medical cannabis, biotech and medical device industries. Please visit Analyst’s website for further information at https://www.analyst-labs.com

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