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Analyst Further Expands its Bioanalytical Capabilities

Analyst Research Laboratories, a Contract Service Analytical testing lab (Nes Ziona, Israel), has completed the installation of a new LC-MS/MS, that will enable expanding and improving its bioanalytical capabilities.

The new Xevo TQ-XS Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer will enable Analyst to provide bioanalyses with increased sensitivity, enhanced detection and improved reproducibility that enables reliable quantitation at the very lowest levels, combined with high sample throughput.

Analyst is a leading service lab for the detection of compounds in a variety of biological samples (e.g. plasma, blood, urine, CSF, tissue, fat, brain, etc.), species from pre-clinical studies (e.g. rats, mice, dogs, minipigs, pigs, etc.) and human samples from clinical trials, servicing primarily the pharma and medical cannabis industries.

Dr. Ziv, Analyst’s CEO said: “We are extremely proud to introduce this state-of-the-art equipment into our lab. Over the past 2 years, especially with the field of Medical Cannabis gaining world-wide momentum, we have seen an increasingly growing demand from our local and global clients for increased sensitivity, reproducibility and tight schedules in the analyses of their samples from pre-clinical and clinical studies. This significant investment is in line with our commitment to provide our clients with the highest quality levels Analyst has always been known for and with quick turnaround times”.    


About Analyst Research Laboratories 


Analyst Research Laboratories is a GMP, GLP and GCLP accredited, FDA-inspected contract lab. The 1,000sqm modern lab specializes in all aspects of analysis of pharmaceuticals, providing a multitude of Analytical & Bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical, medical cannabis, biotech and medical device industries.


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