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Allergen Labelling of barbecue food

In the marinade of grilled meat and grilled cheese, spice or seasoning mixtures can be used which may contain allergens (e.g. mustard, celery). These must be listed and identified in the list of ingredients for pre-packaged goods. Recent examinations in Germany detected missing labelling in two of 61 cases.

Even if this number appears small, undeclared allergens can have serious consequences for allergy sufferer, which can also lead to death.

Fortunately, only a few quality deficiencies were found in grill sausages. The quality criteria laid down in the guidelines for meat and meat products and the maximum fat content were all complied with. With a few exceptions, a positive picture emerged with regard to the unauthorised addition of water and the identification of phosphates.

In order to provide safe food, don’t put the consumers at risk and also avoid expensive food recalls, Tentamus recommends to regularly carry out allergen analyses and label checks.

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