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Peter in Stability Chamber

Adamson: Stability Shelf Life Testing Special

Adamson Analytical Laboratories is excited to announce that that the capacity for analyses has again been expanded!

Stability studies allow you to establish accurate shelf life expectancy for your product, ensuring that it meets quality and safety requirements over it’s entire product life cycle.  This ensures that you have complete confidence when applying a ‘best by’ date to your product.  AA Labs perform stability studies for all product types, ranging from cosmetics and personal care products to food and dietary supplements.

Due to the growing demand, four walk-in stability chambers were procured. The chambers were extensively qualified according to FDA guidelines and operated with the following parameters:


Room Temp Conditions

25°C @ 60% RH
Accelerated Conditions 40°C @ 75% RH
Accelerated Conditions 30°C @ 65% RH
Accelerated Conditions 30°C @

75% RH


Within all chambers and with the shelving we have a storage area of more than 1700 sqft – this is the size of an entire volleyball field!

For the safety of your study we also installed a 24/7 online measurement system for monitoring humidity and temperature with immediate alarm by text message when parameters are running out of spec.


Adamson Analytical Offers Clients:            


  • Fast turnaround times: 24hrs turnaround on request available
  • Free local pickup/ Courier Services to qualified sample submissions
  • Test using USP Requirements
  • ISO 17025 accredited testing services


Stability Shelf Life Testing Special


We are your one stop shop for all your testing needs!

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