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131. AOAC Conference in Atlanta

Every year scientists from all over the world meet up at the AOAC Conference to discuss new technical information, changes, advances in methodology, techniques and applications. This year, from the 24th to 27th September they have met in Atlanta, USA. Also two of the Tentamus laboratories were represented: QSI from Bremen (GER) and Symbiotic Research from New Jersey (USA).

At the AOAC New Blood Session, with Alex Krynitsky from Symbiotic Research as the Chair, Arne Dübecke from QSI introduced the recent development of NMR Honey Profiling.

More information about NMR Honey Profiling: ⇒ https://www.tentamus.de/news/extern/?site=1&news=862


(Photo: From left to right: James Wang, Arne Dübecke, Aley Krynitsky)

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